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  • Automatic Sterility Testing Pump

Automatic Sterility Testing Pump

Name:Sterility Testing Pump

Company:Beijing Neuronbc Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Laboratory Analyzer

Automatic Sterility Testing Pump

Technical parameters
1. Working power supply:AC 260V/50Hz
2. Rated Power:120W
3. Rotating speed:20-240rpm flow rate 500ml/min
4. Suspension total height:45cm
5. Weight:18k
6. IP 64

Mainly Futures
1.The instrument design is more intelligent, no need PC software, and can set up multiple SOP on the client side.
2.The instrument design has manual and automatic two models On manual model,operator can set every operating parameters.On the automatic model,analyst can choose the presupposed SOP,according to the prompts finishing the testing operation,thus improve the repeatability and reliability of the testing results.
3.The stainless steel machine is polished, and its surface is clean and smooth. It is easy to clean and disinfect.
4.The pump head design is removable and easily cleaning and sterilizing
5.Linear pump head design,one key automatic pipe clamping, is simple and reliable, and maximum reduces the influence of artificial factors on sampling bacteria.
6.Over current, over voltage, overload and blocking multiple safety protection functions;7.Pressure protect function can be set,The speed of the pressure can be adjusted
automatically after the pressure exceeds the standard
8.Brushless DC motor, stepless speed, speed can be arbitrarily adjusted in the specified range;
9.Using high-definition color touch screen design, not only can set various parameters, but also real-time display of the current operating status, easy and flexible operation.

The product can be widely applied to the pharmaceutical industry,injections, powders,biological, blood , ophthalmic , maintenance liquids, products etc., sterility inspection and microbial limit test for purified and injection water. Meanwhile, if matching the membrane filter can also be used for microbial limit test in medical equipment, food, beverage and other industries.