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  • FPOSM-V2.0


Name:Freezing Point Osmometer

Company:Beijing Neuronbc Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Laboratory Analyzer


Detailed introduction:

  The freezing point osmometer FPOSM-V2.0 produced by our company with independent research and development is in accordance with Raoul freezing point theory, based on the solution freezing point declined value proportional to the solution molar concentration, using high sensitivity of temperature-sensing element, to measure the freezing point of different solutions, so as to derive the osmotic pressure molar concentration. This theory has been widely used for the test and research of osmotic pressure molar concentration in the fields such as pharmaceuticals,pharmaceutical analysis, biological and food therapy

Technical parameters

Measurement range

02000 mOsmol

Sample amount


Testing duration


Pre-cooling time


Measurement error






Environment temperature

030  Recommended for 1525

Environment temperature


Power supply

220V 50Hz 150VA





Resolution ratio


※It has the functions of electronic signature and user classification management, to satisfy CFR PART21 store data query according to time which can store 3 years of testing data.
※ It can carry on single-point or multi-point (31-point) linear calibration, to ensure that the instrument has the detection accuracy of each range interval in stability.
※Instrument adopts the screw linear guide motor design, so that the operation just on a touch screen can complete the whole test process.
Temperature probe  adopts double refrigeration system, with a short pre-cooling time, fast detection speed,to facilitate continuous detection.
※ It can simultaneously display the osmotic pressure molar concentration value, the freezing point value and the molar concentration ratio.
※ The cooling system adopts the athermal transfer fluid design, to exempt from frequent maintenance.
※ Built-in "Chinese pharmacopoeia" hundreds of injectable drug name can facilitate the preset information of test sample