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  • Pharmaceutical Grade Polyethersulfone Cartridge Filter

Pharmaceutical Grade Polyethersulfone Cartridge Filter

Name:Pharmaceutical Grade Polyethersulfone Cartridge Filter
Company:Beijing Neuronbc Laborataries Co., Ltd.

Cartridge Filter and Housing

Pharmaceutical Grade Polyethersulfone Cartridge Filter

Filters are made of Micro series hydrophilic asymmetric sulfonated PES. They have universal chemical compatibility, pH range 3~11. They feature large throughput and long service life, applicable to bio-pharmacy and other fields. Before delivery, each cartridge has experienced 100% integrity test, to ensure product filter efficiency. NSS cartridges are endurable to repeated online steam or high-pressure disinfection, meeting asepsis requirements of new version GMP.


Filter precision: 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1.2, 3.0 (unit: μm)
Effective filter area: single-layered ≥ 0.6 /10"; double-layered: ≥ 0.5 /10"
Cartridge diameter: 69 mm, 83 mm, 130 mm
Quality Assurance
Endotoxin: < 0.25 EU/ml
Filtrate: <30 mg per 10 inch (Φ69)
Biological safety: passing USP biological reactivity test to class VI plastics
Health and safety: passing health and safety test on drinking water
Double-layer cartridges, endurable to repeated steam sterilization (more than 50 times) in no-load state

Material Construction

Filter media: PES
Support/diversion: PP
Plastic skeleton: PP
Seal coil: see the cartridge list
Seal method: melting

Operating Conditions

Maximum working temperature: 90°C, 0.20 Mpa
Sterilization temperature: 121°C; 30 minutes
Maximum positive pressure difference: 0.40 MPa, 25°C
Maximum negative pressure difference: 0.21 MPa, 25°

Main features:
  • Excellent hydrophile; easy to get wet; low protein absorption rate
  • High porosity realized through phase transfer; unique geometric shape, improving passage efficiency and throughput
  • Double layer structure use same materials; solid structure; endurable to repeated online sterilization
  • Cartridge independently numbered; production batch traceable
  • Typical Applications
  • Pre-filtering and sterilization of biological vaccines, blood products, cell culture solutions, serums, eye drops, water for injection, lyophilized products, and liquids to be infused


Ordering Information

No. Filter precision (μm) No. Size No. Connector No. Seal coil material
010 0.1 H Single layer A 215 / plain S Silicone rubber
020 0.2 S Double layer B Both ends plain / both ends passing E EPDM
045 0.45 F Both ends plain / one end sealed B NBR
065 0.65 No. Size H Inner O shaped coil / plain tail V Fluorine rubber
080 0.8 5 5" J 222 stainless steel liner / plain tail F Wrapped fluorine rubber
120 1.2 1 10" K 222 stainless steel liner / fin
300 3.0 2 20" M 222 / plain tail No. Class
    3 30" P 222 / fin P Pharmacy
    4 40" Q 226 / fin E Electronics
        O 226 / plain tail G Food and pharmacy
        R 226 stainless steel liner / fin    
        W 226 stainless steel liner / plain tail