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Titanium Filter

Name:Titanium Filter


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Cartridge Filter and Housing

Titanium Filter


Titanium filters are made of ultrapure titanium using special process through sintering. Their porous structure is uniform and stable, having high porosity and high interception efficiency. Titanium filters are also temperature insensitive, anticorrosive, highly mechanical, regenerative, and durable, applicable to filter various gases and liquids. In particular, they are widely used in pharmacy industry for removing carbon.

Typetical Appliacation

Removing carbon during the process of thinning or thickening liquids to be infused, injections, eye drops, and APIs
Filtering high-temperature steams, superfine crystals, catalysts, catalytic gases
Precise filtrating water treatment systems after ozone sterilization and aerated filtering
Clarifying and filtering beers, beverages, mineral water, spirits, soy, vegetable oils, and vinegars.


Filtration precision: 0.45um-100um
Porosity: 28-45%
Permeability: 0.02-20L / cm2minPa
Permeability coefficient: 1.0 * 10-5-7 * 10-3L / cm2 · min · Pa
Temperature resistance: 280. C (wet)
Diameter (mm): 6,8,12,16,18,20,30,35,40,50,60,70,100,130
Interface Type: M6-30,222,226,4 points, 6 points, one inch, platen, other interfaces to customer requirements.

Main features

1, uniform structure, narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency.
2, high porosity, filtration resistance, high penetration efficiency.
3, high temperature, generally below normal wet 280 degrees.
4, good chemical stability, acid corrosion, have antioxidant properties. (For details, see the Schedule corrosion)
5, non-magnetic, non-toxic, and with human tissue and blood have a good blending of nature, so is the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, water treatment industry widely used.
6, no particle shedding, not to dope the formation of secondary pollution, food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.
7, anti-microbial ability, not the role of the microbes occur.
8, line regeneration, easy to clean, long service life (typically several times the membrane cartridge)

Ordering Information

No. Filter precision (μm) No. Size No. Connector No. Seal coil material
1 0.45 1 10" M M20 screw thread S Silicone rubber
2 1.0 2 20" R 226 plug E EPDM
3 3.0 3 30"     B NBR
4 5.0 .... ....     V Fluorine rubber
...... ....         F Wrapped fluorine rubber