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  • Mixed cellulose membrane

Mixed cellulose membrane

Name:Mixed cellulose membrane


Company:Beijing Neuronbc Laborataries Co., Ltd.

Cartridge Filter and Housing

Mixed cellulose membrane


Uniform pore siz distribution, porosity as high as 80%, fast flow rate, the good interception, little, adsorption ,no medium fall off, the need of low working pressure.



Various solution clarification and sterilization filtration, Culture medium, liquid filter sterilization and air testing of specific pollutants, coliform test in water, test industrial dust. In biological applications such as the collection of cells, the cells were washed.


Materials cellulose acetate and nitrat
wettable Hydrophilic
maximum temperature hot pressurized sterilization 121℃    work temperature  75℃
Appearance  White and opaque
Depth 100-300um
Minimum Bubble point 0.22um  3600mbar
Standard flow rate of water 0.22um  faster than 15ml/min