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  • TA-2.0


Name:Total Organic Carbon Analyzer(TOC)

Company: Beijing Neuronbc Laborataries Co., LTD.

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer


  • Introduction
      TA-2.0 Total organic carbon (TOC) is developed on the basis of the original offline total organic carbon analysis instrument, which can meet both online and offline test modes for the users. And 3 points can be online measured switching one by one, so the application is more extensive, which can completely meet various on-site use requirements for the customers, thus greatly reducing the on-line monitoring implementation cost for the customers.

    Operation Principle
    Oxidation organism by UV lamp and convert organic stuff into carbon dioxide, which detection adopted by direct conductivity method. The total organic carbon is the difference of the total carbon (TC)concentration in samples tested after oxidation and not oxidation of the sample total inorganic carbon(TIC), namely: TOC = TC- (TIC).

    1---delay line;
    2---Oxidation unit;
    3---Inorganic carbon conductivity electrode;
    4---Total carbon conductivity electrode;
    5--- ceramic pump            
    Power Supply 100-260VAC 50HZ,120W
    Conductivity Detection Range 0.055µs/cm-8.000µs/cm
    Measure Range 0.001mg/L ~ 1mg/L(1 ~ 1000ppb)
    Accuracy ±3%
    RSD Repeatability ≤ 3%
    Resolution 0.001mg/L
    Response Time 5mins
    Measuring Limit 0.001 mg/L
    Analyzing Time Continues Analyzing
    Sample Temperature 1-99℃
    Applied Range Online/Offline/ Cleaning Validation
    Audit trail,Records ≥ 5years storage
    Authority Management User name and password login ,to meet FDA 21CFR PART 11 requirements
    Print Function External Printer
    Historical Records More than 5000 sets
    Data Copy USB disk to export the data
    Display Screen Color Touch Screen
    Expansion Por Ethernet Port 232 Serial Port Power Output Port 4-20MA signal output
    Weight 8.5KG
    Dimension(mm) 400*240*270
    Audit trail customization

    Main feature 
    • ※ The instrument adopts no pump pipe design, and there is no need to configure the pressure reducing valve device for the online testing;
      ※ The instrument adopts the latest high-performance CPU processor, to expand the instrument function and improve the processing speed and accuracy
      ※ The ultra-large capacity of storage space can be used as the real-time query for raw data;
      ※ Due to no pump pipe design, there is no need of online accessory (pressure reducing valve), to reduce customers' material use, simplify the installation procedure and make flow rate more stable;
      ※ The independent research and development team can carry out the design of specific solutions according to the needs of customer
    • Application
    • On line monitoring and laboratory testing of pharmaceutical water (purified water, injection water), and cleaning validation, electronic industry, food industry, etc.

    • Technical support and after sales service
      Half a year replacement for free,one year warranty and long-life maintenance.