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  • Model:IntegtestV6.0


Name:Full Automatic Filter Integrity Tester


Company:Beijin Neuronbc Laborataries Co., Ltd.

Filter Integrity Tester




Integtest ®  Serials Integrity Tester are designed for testing integrity of filters and filter systems . The test meet to verify the sterilizing filter in the FDA, the State Pharmacopoeia and GMP specification requirements. The V6.0 Integrity Tester is is compact,handy to use, and fully automated integrity test instrument, which performs bubble point, diffusion, enhanced bubble point, and water-based test for hydrophobic filters on a wide range of filters. The first domestic launch of integrity test for ultrafiltration membrane, to meet different customer needs.


Power Supply

100  260 VAC, 50HZ, 120W  Spare battery(Selection)

Operation Pressure

100-10000 mbar (145psi) ;



Operation Condition

Ambient Temperature:+5 ~ +40;Relative Humidity:10-80%




Manual Bubble point Test;Basic Bubble Point Test;Extensive Bubble Point Test; Pressure Holding Test;Diffusion FLow Test;Water Immersion Test;Ultrafitration Membrane Test

Test Accuracy

Upstream Volume Test:± 4%;Bubble Point Test:± 50mbar ;Diffusion Flow Test:± 4% ;Water Immersion:± 0.01ml

Test Scope

BP:100-8000mbar      DF:1-600ml/min     WI:0.01-100ml/min

Applied Range

Symmetric and asymmetric membrane test, needle filter, filter bag, flat filter,  filter cartridge (big filter volume ), ultrafiltration membrane, ultrafiltration column, a variety of irregular filters

Authority Management

User Name and Password to Login ,electronic signature to meeting the FDA 21CFR PART 11requirements  Audit trail (customized)

Reservation Solution

120 sets

Print Function

Built-in printer;

Historical Records

More than1 5000 sets unlimited sets records

Records Copy

Support USB disk to export (Include test curve)

Display Screen

7 inch, color touch screen

Serial Connection




Work Mode


Other functions

One/two-dimension cods ,Scanning gun;Lithium battery(customization)

Applicable Environment

Above B level



Main features


  1. Powerful functions, covering all the existing test methods for the filter integrity testing;
  2. The first domestic implementation of integrity testing for the ultrafiltration system;
  3. Scientific authority management design, password, permissions, authority grading, electronic signature, etc., in full compliance with FDA 21 CFR PART 11 requirements;
  4. It can create 120 groups of reservation solution, so the instrument is more simplistic and intelligent;
  5. It can carry out detection for big filter volume, greatly improving the work efficiency of the user;
  6. With rich data interface, the instrument not only includes the standard configuration of digital and analog interface (RS232/USB), but also can customize a variety of industrial bus and simulation control port according to customer's need, in preparation for the intelligent system upgrade, such as the complete set of online automatic sterilization control system;
  7. Independent research and development team can carry out the design of specific solutions according to the needs of customers; Many years of field experience and strong professional services can not only ensure that the customers use the instrument at ease, but also can provide the technical support for the design and configuration of the filter system of the customers.
Applianed range
 Disc Membrane:Φ25mm-Φ300mm;
 Standard Cartridge:2.5″- 40″
 Capsule & Mini Catridge
 Air filter test :2.5″- 40″
 Ultrafiltration membrane