Beijing Neuronbc Laborataries Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises founded in 2004, focused on the precision testing instruments and related consumables in pharmaceutical industry. With a strong R & D and customer service team, some of the products are in the leading position at home and abroad, applied to thousands of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry, research laboratories, and won a good reputation.
The main products include:  Filter Integrity Tester, Total Organic Carbon(TOC) Analyzer, Glove Integrity Tester, Freezing Point Osmometer, Air filter housing heating cover,  Cartridge Filter and Filter housing, and so on. The testing methods are all satisfied with the requirements of FDA, Chinese Pharmacopoeia and GMP regulations, as well as the requirements of USP and EP. The Filter Integrity Tester and TOC in the country has been in a leading position. Among them, the Filter Integrity Tester has been in line with the most advanced technology in the world.