In September 2004,
Beijing Neuronbc Application Technology Development Co., Ltd. Was founded, which is a high-tech enterprise of Beijing city, and officially entered the Zhongguancun Beijing high-tech industry incubator.
In June 2005,
Cell culture reagent developed successfully.
In Nov. 2006,
Liquid Bacteria-Free Canning system R & D independently, which through expert certification, and put into production and Use.
In May 2007,
Filter Integrity Test instrument developed successfully, and detected and certificated by the Beijing Institute of Metrology.
In Jan. 2008,
Beijing Neuronbc  Laborataries Co., Ltd. Was officially established.
In Jan. 2009,
The first launch of integrity tester for water-based test for hydrophobic filters domestic , and reach the international advanced level of similar products. 
June 2010 ,
The Total Organic Carbon Analyzer R&D successfully and marketed.
February 2011 ,
Filter integrity tester market share of more than 60%, the company entered a rapid development phase stage.
March 2012,
Chengdu office was established.
January 2013,
Glove Integrity Tester R&D successfully.
January 2015,
Freezing Point Osmometer R&D successfully and marketed.